April 2016
Toledo Women's Art League Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Liga Daiga –
The Melting Tree

1st Place
Betty Jean Jacobson –
Our Town

2nd Place

Virginia Kretz –
Tecumseh River

3rd Place

Margie Carlile –

Honorable Mention Awards
Pam Alspach –
Finger Lake Grape Vines
Colleen O’Brien –
Swan Creek
Romaine Stawowy –
Pathway in a Garden

Juror's Comments:

It was a pleasure to judge the TWAL show again this year and very heartening to see the level of support TWAL members continue to provide this show – there were many wonderful entries to consider!

I commented last year that judging a show can be a very subjective experience, I repeat that this year – but would also like to provide some insight into my reasoning for the works selected. Quality and condition of framing certainly played a role, as did technical ability. Primarily though, it came down to how well did each work invited me to engage with it. In my work as a Docent at the Toledo Museum of Art for the past 9 years, I use my training to engage audiences with art developing conversations that cause the tour participants to linger longer in front of a work of art and inviting them to reflect on how the formal properties, symbols, or context of the work influences the viewer’s interpretation. The contemplation yields rewards but only if the viewer invests the time in looking at the art.

The works I chose were the works that I kept going back to, they compelled me to linger and look, offering rich reward. Stawowy’s yellows airily applied as foliage on the folk-art-reminiscent trees stylizes a crisp autumn day; Alspach’s repetition of form, of verticals, and use of a restrained palate creates a harmonic and pleasing work. O’Brien, Carlile, and Kretz each employ an effective use of not only value contrast in their compositions to make the works pop, but the real achievement lies within the darkest areas of each work – the depth of dark does not create a void, but rather activates the space of the rest of the painting. These 3 works reach full impact when viewed from across the room. Jacobson plays with the illusion of space, using ethereal planes of color and pattern to shimmer and shift challenging our perception with each viewing. The standout and deserved Best of Show is Daiga’s
The Melting Tree. Out of some very compelling works, this one stopped me in my tracks each time. Its color play is nuanced and layered, a diaphanous and sensual work, enigmatic, with no concession to occupying the entire surface with paint. It is the visualization of a siren’s call, bewitching.

My thanks to TWAL and TAC for your dedicated support and promotion of the visual arts.

Jeanne Rudski – 03/25/16

Accepted Works

Pamela Alspach

Janis Butzier
Melody Carle

Margie Carlile

Liga Daiga

Alice Dewey
Faye Edinger

Marti Huepenbecker

Betty Jean Jacobson
Virginia Kretz

Mary McColough

Joanne Mermer

Ellie Miller
Colleen O'Brien

Joan Palombi
Katherine Pattay

Carol Sicha

Mel Sickelbaugh

Joanne Smith
Romaine Stawowy
Sharon Vaughn
Claire Wilson

Finger Lakes Grape Vines
Jake's Balloon
Storm Beyond Frenchman Bay
Muddy Road
The Dance
Tranquility Bay
The Heron
The Melting Tree
The Portal
Swan Creek
Bittersweet Winter Day
Black River
Sunset at the Marina
Lunch Time
Our Town
Maumee Bay Park Lake
Tecumseh River
Back Alley
The Garden
Flowers in Red Vase
Pointe Betsie Lighthouse
Lighthouse - Lake Huron
Swan Creek
Water Flowers
Foot Path
Lavender Fields
Stately Holly Hocks
The Barn
The Cottage Garden
Pathway in a Garden
Mom & Babies