April 2015
Toledo Women's Art League Show

American Frame Corp.
"Best of Show" Award
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Honorable mention awards

Winter Calm
Candy Stripe Dahlia
Acadia Sunset

Morning in the Park
A Thread of Truth
Opening Day

Liga Daiga
Katherine Pattay
Susan Dolder
Melody Carle

Virginia Kretz
Ellie Miller
Claire Wilson

Juror's Statement

With such a large number of works submitted for this show, narrowing down the field proved difficult. I was delighted to see the level of talent and enthusiasm showcased in the submissions. It was a privilege to view them privately and be a part of this annual exhibition for TWAL. Every artist submitting work is to be commended for the effort and creativity shown.

Admittedly, judging a show can be a subjective process. But the works selected from Best of Show through Honorable Mentions had a quality about them that caused me to revisit them not only while initially viewing all the submissions, but over the days following as well (in memory). I recall a curator defining a masterwork as a work of art that sticks like “chewing gum” to the inside of one’s brain – it settles in with permanent resonance. The works being awarded struck me particularly not only due to technical skill displayed, but more heavily due to the prowess and conviction expressed through the media used or subject matter portrayed. L. Daiga’s seemingly benign composition of tents turns haunting and soulful under her careful hand. The restraint and focus in K. Pattay’s composition of trees capturing the feeling of calm in a stark winter; the absolute commitment to detail and subtle nuance of space in S. Dolder’s dahlia (look at this one up close and from across the room); the elegant resolve of M. Carle in her controlled and compact color study of a sunset; the courage of abstraction approached in E. Miller’s mixed-media work, the complexity of pattern in C. Wilson’s flowers, the stylized reduction of form – with no loss of interest – in V. Kretz’s park composition. All of these works speak to the bravery of approach and the determination to see it through to a captivating end. They are well complimented by the entirety of the show. Thank you for sharing yourselves through your art!

Accepted Works

Melody Carle

Margie Carlile

Bev Chudey

Liga Daiga

Alice Dewey

Susan Dolder
Faye Edinger
Pamela Fletcher

Betsy Ford

Shashi Goel
Marilyn Horner

Marti Huepenbecker

Virginia Kretz

Mary McColough
Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Joan Palombi

Katherine Pattay

Inga Reynolds

Elaine Scarvelis
Sharon Vaughn
Janet Vezner

Claire Wilson

Acadia Sunset
This Side of the Wall
Arizona Spring
Roll Out the Barrels
Two Old Men
Holland Harbor Lighthouse (Big Red)
The Toledo Lighthouse
577 Log Cabin
Acer Genus
Papaver Genus
Candy Stripe Dahlia
Window Overlooking the Valley
Swan Creek Autumn
Conference Center TBG
Ocean View
Swtizerland from the Train
Fishing in Peru
Blat of Summer
Evening Sunset
The Photographer
Tulip Time
Morning in the Park
Untitled Abstract
Wandering Creek
Remarkable Marriage
A Thread of Truth
Narrow Street - Ansouis, France
Witness to History
Road Trip
The Plains
View at 577 Foundation
Water Lily Farm
Grand Rapids Gentle Falls
Koi Carousel Motion
Winter Calm
Orange, Blue, Green & Yellow
Red, Blue, Green & Yellow
Enchanted Path # 2
A Place to Relax
Summer at Wolcott House
Summer Wildflowers in the Park
Al Umbra
Opening Day