December 2017
Holiday Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Claire Wilson – Little Town

1st Place
Romaine Stawowy – Snow Fall @ W.W. Knight

2nd Place
Virginia Kretz – Halloween

3rd Place
Sharon Lennard – Christ is Christmas

Honorable Mention Awards
Sharon Lennard – Celebrate Life
Marsha McHugh –
A Thankful Day on the Maumee
Ellie Miller –
Camp Miaconda Lake

Juror's Comments:

Thank you for allowing me to choose your awards this year. Judging artwork is always a challenge because what we perceive is so dependent on who we are. With this exhibit at the Toledo Artists’ Club, I am especially drawn to the abundant resources used by artists to depict the topic of landscape. Excellent use of colors, the innovative use of a particular paint type, or the delicate rendering of a fall afternoon – all of these qualities held my attention right away.

I am particularly drawn to a level of craftsmanship in the works selected – clearly the artists are hard workers who carefully plan and execute their work. How wonderful that humans can still respond to the quiet beautiful moments around them. Works of art give us an opportunity to share our mutual experiences with the world, and in that respect, everyone in the show is a winner.

As artists, we remain committed to life and exploration, and all of the pieces here demonstrate that their makers have made that commitment!!!

Mille Guldbeck – 11/17/17

Accepted Works

Linda Jo Bosinger
Janis Butzier
Liga Daiga

Michael Hill

Virginia Kretz
Sharon Lennard

Marsha McHugh
Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Elaine Scarvelis

Carol Sicha
Romaine Stawowy

Melanie Stinson
Claire Wilson

Christmas at the Cabin
First Frost
Freshly Fallen Snow
Tree in the Forest
Window on Winter
Celebrate Life
Christ is Christmas
Journey Home
A Thankful Day on the Maumee
Camp Miaconda Lake
Evergreen Lake - Oak Openings
On the Rocks
Gusts Farm
TBG February
Winter Hills
Can Can Ladies
Winter Wonderland
Just in Time
A Bleak Winter Day
Red is My Favorite Color
Snow Fall @ W.W. Knight
Happy Holidays Tiles
Fickle Flag
Fir Piece
Little Town