April 2019
Toledo Women's Art League Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Carol Sicha – Transformation

1st Place
Janet Vezner – Tulips

2nd Place
Kim Staneluis – Side Cut Park

3rd Place
Kay Kocher – Peony 2

Honorable Mention Awards
Paula Davis – Vineyards Outside Merano, Italy
Joan Palombi –
Lava Flow
Janet Wharry –
Sdie by Side

Juror's Comments:

Judging art is “simple”. There is only “do I like It?” that matters. The problem is, everyone’s opinion won’t jibe.  Therefore, eliminating personal preference, leaves just two things to consider. One is the media. How effectively did the artist handle the “stuff” the work is made of (pencil or paint …). There is also the subject matter. Sometimes it can be a concrete object like a tree or a person. Or it can be an inanimate concept such as “love”. Does the piece communicate well?
The pieces I have chosen display confidence and control of the media. Experience and effort are evident. Since there is no theme to this show, subject becomes irrelevant. But how the subject is displayed does matter. Something a little “different” is always more attractive. 
My congratulations to 
all of the entrants..

Chris Rilling – 03/22/19

Accepted Works

Linda Bosinger
Janis Butzier

Margie Carlile
Paula Davis

Alice Dewey
Julie Draeger

Betsy Ford
Shashi Goel

Marti Huepenbecker

Kay Kocher

Laura Martin

Doris Mathias
Mary McColough

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Joan Palombi

Elaine Scarvelis
Carol Sicha
Kim Staneluis

Beth Stewart
Melanie Stinson

Janet Vezner

Kay Weprin

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

A Taste of Things to Come
Ledge Hike at Zion
Providence Park
Puppy Dog Tails
Take Cover:
Vineyards Outside Merano, Italy
Time for Red Buds
Western Barn
Marble Head
Great Blue
Remembering Summer
Toledo Downtown
Along a Country Road
Peony 2
Peony I
Beside the Venetian
Bible Study
Land Bridge
Safe Harbor
Middle Grounds Metro Park
New Sheriff in Town
Farm Creek
Harroun Park
Energy Blast
From a Distance
Lava Flow
Signora in Cappello Blu
Camp 6 PM
Side Cut Park
Molly Visiting Grandma
Dragon's Land
Dreamscape 2-19
Dreamscape 3-19
Summer Day on River
Breaking the Ice
Futuristic Forest
Unlimited Pleasures
Morning Walk
Red Guitar
Side by Side
Hot Spell
KY Artifact
Scarlet Fever