August 2018
Water Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Joe Rudski – Nature’s Poetry

1st Place
Michael Hill – Spillway at Sidecut, Lock #4

2nd Place
Carol Sicha – Marblehead Waterfront

3rd Place
Mary McCollough – Spinnaker II

Honorable Mention Awards
Sharon Rapp – Illumination
Paul Sneider –
The Voyagers
Thomas Sorrell – Hiking in Spearfish Canyon

Juror's Comments:

So, I was tasked with choosing the “Water” show and found myself wanting to select an exhibition that was representative of all things water. I wanted to select just enough pieces so as to have a single line of work, representing a horizon line of water. Every piece that was submitted was painstakingly reviewed and sorted to arrive at the final body of work.

I am thankful for the opportunity to judge this show and hope you all enjoy

Jason Sanderson – July 20, 2018

Accepted Works

Vava Campbell
Melody Carle

Susan Chinavore
Liga Daiga

Alice Dewey

Faye Edinger
Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker

Kenneth Jackson
Kay Kocher
Sharon Lennard

Mary McColough

Ellie Miller

Mary Mossing Krueger
Colleen O'Brien

Joan Palombi

Katherine Pattay
Sharon Rapp

Susan Ritter

Joe Rudski

Elaine Scarvelis
Carol Sicha

Joanne Smith

C. David Smith
Paul Sneider

Thomas Sorrell

Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Donna Wagner

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

Observing the Day
Mystique Mountains
Serenity Falls
Michigan Paradise
Hauntingly Serene
A Walk on the Beach
Summer Shimmer
Black River
Spillway at Sidecut Lock #4
Jacksonville Oriental Pond
Mill in Cumberland
Crash, Splash
Falling Water
Rainy Night
Reflection of a Great Egret
Stanley Park
Moon River
Water Dance
Spinnaker II
Rocky Mt. Stream
On the Rocks
Marshmallows - McGee Marsh
Edisto Serenity
Veteran's Glass City Skyway
Walbridge Park
Maumee River Yacht Club
Brook in the Garden
Pearson Park Lake
Playful Koi
Safe Harbor
Au Sable River Days
Sentinel on the Au Sable
Wind, Water, Rocks
Nature's Poetry
Glacial Waters
By the Beautiful Sea
Marblehead Waterfront
Bob's Pool
Summer at Lakeside
Grande Lake - Colorado
The Jetty in Venice, Florida
Big Sur - California
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
The Voyagers
Spear Fishing 1890
Hiking in Spearfish Canyon
Webb Cove
Tahquamenon Falls
Hawaiian Sunset
Ice Land
Underwater Cave
The Swamp
Green Leaves & Whitewater
Ocean Side
Day at the Beach
Sea Mist
Over the Waves
Hey, Flatso!
Under the Waves