August 2019
Water Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Edward Marks – Pond

1st Place
Kenneth Jackson – Hurricane Charlie’s

2nd Place
Carol Sicha – Ribbit

rd Place
Edward Marks – Early Morning

Honorable Mention Awards
Leslie Dietsch – Reflections
Michael Hill –
Claire Wilson –
Over the Waves

Juror's Comments:

First, I would like to thank the Toledo Artists Club Committee for asking me to serve as a juror for the “Over the Waves or Under the Bridge, if it has to do with Water, it’s Great!” Exhibition.  As I made my way through the sea of water-inspired entries I knew I had my work cut out for me.  I could see the quality of the artwork and each artist’s depth of involvement.  The artists creatively and skillfully channeled their energies into the theme. Kudo’s to all those who stepped up to the challenge and entered this highly competitive show.  A body of work like this is a true sign of a competent, talented and vibrant art organization.

I knew my job was not to solely 
tread among the entries and enjoy, but to dive in and select the award winning pieces that would rise above the flood of entries and be splashed with colorful ribbons.  A river of criteria on which to judge this exhibition poured forth from my mind; composition, creativity, craftsmanship, skillfulness and visual impact.  After spending much time with the entries, the winners you see here rose to the summit and were superior in this artist’s eyes.  Enjoy the show and may it wet your appetite to create.

Karrie King – Retired Art Educator07/26/19

Accepted Works

Pam Alspach
Sandra Belkofer
Janis Butzier
Vava Campbell
Christine Cooper
Alice Dewey
Leslie Dietsch

Gerald Hill
Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker

Kenneth Jackson
Kay Kocher
Sharon Lennard

Edward Marks

Doris Mathias

Ellie Miller

Katherine Pattay

Sharon Rapp

Michael Rohrbacher
Elaine Scarvelis
Jennifer Sheriff
Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider
Debra Sommer

Thomas Sorrell

Romaine Stawowy
John Trumbull

Janet Wharry
Claire Wilson

Roger's Sailing Canoe
Providence Park
The Pond
Summer is Easy
Ocean at Sunset
Grass Islands in the Maumee Rr.
The Point
Lock at Sidecut
Water Fall (Botanical Garden)
Falling Water
River Banks
Traveling in the Rain
Hurricane Charlie's
Hidden Fish
Party Down Under
Water Walker
Early Morning
Water on the Rocks
Crane Creek
Maumee River
Pond on Koelsch Farm
Blooms Near Shoreline
Jelly Fish at Zoo Aquarium
Playful Koi
Like a Tidal Wave
Pacific Ocean Sunset
Tropical Paradise
Water Cycle
White Water Ahead
Island Mystery
Marshland Waters I
River Cove
Simpson Garden Waterfall
A Late Summer Afternoon
The Pond
Weirs Rapids
Sprinkler Fun
After Dark
Over the Waves
Tall Fall