December 2018
Holiday Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Michael Hill – Honored Guest

1st Place
Claire Wilson – Thicket

2nd Place
John Trumbull – Autumn Glow

3rd Place
Sharon Lennard – Adore Him

Honorable Mention Awards
Kay Kocher – Crabapples in the “Fall”
Ellie Miller –
Autumn at Wildwood
John Trumbull –
Time Passing

Juror's Comments:

I was impressed with the quality and variety of work. The handling of the media of each individual artist was exceptional and unique. It was a challenge to get to seven pieces for the awards, as all demonstrated passion, virtuosity, and interesting subjects about the holidays/seasons.

“Honored Guest” stuck me for its’ simplicity, design and color. Also loved the expressive paint quality in the other award winners. All in all, everyone should be proud to be exhibiting with such a fine, talented group of artists.

Tamara Hilty – 11/16/18

Accepted Works

Linda Jo Bosinger
Janis Butzier
Liga Daiga

Alice Dewey
Gregory Ehmann
Michael Hill

Kay Kocher
Sharon Lennard

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien
Elaine Scarvelis
Jennifer Sheriff

Carol Sicha
Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson
John Trumbull

Janet Wharry
Claire Wilson

Dessert Anyone
Silent Night
Fields of Color
Gone South for the Winter
Happy Mother's Day
Love Red Birds
Honored Guest
Next Years Choice!
Crabapples in the "Fall"
Adore Him
Christmas Eve Walk
Christmas Morning Walk
Autumn at Wildwood
Sun Flowers
Swan Creek Park - Autumn
Winter Wonder Land
Winter's Frost
Night Lights
O Tannenbaum
Recalculating …
One Christmas
Standing Tall
Silvering in the New Year
Autumn Glow
The Barn
Time Passing
First Snow
Hooray for the Red, White & Blue