February 2018
Our National Parks Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Sally Marti – Exploring Huron National Forest

1st Place
John Trumbull – Colors of Fall

2nd Place
Carol Sicha – Yellowstone Bison

3rd Place
Clarie Wilson – New River Gorge & Bridge

Honorable Mention Awards
Melody Carle – Acadia
Judy Palmer –
Paul Sneider –
Voyagers in Voyageurs National Park

Juror's Comments:

Coming in from the cold into a room with 32 wonderful artworks of our National Parks was a wonderful sweeping experience!!  Many variations both in topics and mediums!  A wonderful collection!

Toni Andrews – 01/19/18

Accepted Works

Paul Brand

Janis Butzier
Melody Carle

Gregory Ehmann
Michael Hill

Sally Marti
Ellie Miller

Judy Palmer

Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider

Thomas Sorrell

John Trumbull

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

Rocky Point, Acadia National Park
Waterfall, Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Arizona Desert
Marblehead Lighthouse
Painted Desert
Perry's Monument
Washington Monument
Exploring Huron National Forest
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Sedona, Arizona
Foggy Walk
Yellowstone Bison
Canoeing, Smokey Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
Voyagers in Voyageurs National Park
Atlantic Coast, Acadia
Edge of the Badlands
Wyoming's Western Wall
Colors of Fall
Great Smokey Mountains
Newfound Gap
Bryce Canyon
Garden of the Gods
Dune Climb (Sleeping Bear)
New River Gorge & Bridge
Pyramid Point (Sleeping Bear)