February 2019
“Vacation” Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
John Trumbull – The Good Red Earth

1st Place
Carol Sicha – Refreshing at Mt Baker, WA

2nd Place
Thomas Sorrell – Bushkill Falls

3rd Place
Janet Wharry – Ghost Town

Honorable Mention Awards
Alice Dewey – Welcome to Jamaica!
Michael Hill –
Ellie Miller –
Sea Grapes

Juror's Comments:

It appears by the majority of the entries that summer, in general, is the vacation of choice! Sunshine, shadows, popping colors and textures are all aspects of these pieces.

I especially was taken with the crisp and clean approach to painting that many artists employed, my award choices reflected this the majority of the time.

The interpretation of the theme is varied which makes the viewer ponder the engagement of the activity or subject matter. This adds another level of interest to the pieces.

Keep creating works that are colorful, playful and engaging as they will always capture an audience!

Erin Palmer Szavuly – 01/25/19

Accepted Works

Beverly Bailey
Paula Davis

Alice Dewey
Michael Hill

Kenneth Jackson
Kay Kocher
Ellie Miller

Stewart Raney
Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider
Thomas Sorrell

Romaine Stawowy
John Trumbull

Cheryl Westbrook
Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

Way to Spend the Day
Otter Cove, Maine
Prayer in Pisa
Welcome to Jamaica!
Tides Out at St. Augustine
Key West Harbor
A Trip to Lakeside
By the Sea
Gone Fishing
Sea Grapes
Refreshing at Mt Baker, WA
Bushkill Falls
Colorado River Overlook
Grand View
Clearwater Beach
Just Out and About
The Good Red Earth
Camp Isle Royale
Ghost Town
Phil Talks Existentialism
Michigan Nights