January 2019
Artists’ Choice Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Carol Sicha – I’ll Be There in a Flash

1st Place
Sally Marti – Blue Meadow

2nd Place
Julie Draeger – Searching the Unknown

3rd Place
Romaine Stawowy – Unloved

Honorable Mention Awards
Kathy Palmer Genzman – Sitting Pretty
Kenneth Jackson –
Old Steam Locomotive
Thomas Sorrell –
Sand Beach Cove

Juror’s Statement

Very professional work was entered in this exhibition which made it an extremely difficult challenge to select awards. We do not have to leave the area of Toledo to find amazingly talented artists. Drawing upon my professional background and experience as a juror, I have developed criteria from which to discern work selected for recognition which I would like to share. First, I make several careful walk throughs of the entries, looking at the overall selection; then I search for these criteria: composition, technical knowledge of the media, content / emotional impact, developed work, personal style, and presentation. I also consider diversity in the pieces I select for awards. Importantly, I try to maintain objectivity even though the selection of art is somewhat subjective, I try not to allow my personal taste affect my decisions. By using the above criteria, I look at what each person is individually trying to accomplish and how unique and well they execute their goal. Whether it be a realistic or somewhat impressionistic watercolor landscape which involves the compositional depiction of depth and space or a nonobjective, work which relies on the elements of art: color, shape texture and form and composition. Ranking the work for awards is extremely difficult with such excellent submissions.

I would just like to mention some specifics of works chosen. Carol Sicha’s work “I’ll Be There in a Flash” draws from realism and is reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s urban scenes. Her brush work and knowledge of composition and painterly style exhibits her fluid knowledge of space, light and shadow. Sally Marti’s “Blue Meadow” has strong emotional impact, unique personal style, knowledge of composition and color theory. The luminescent landscape and shapes within seem to continuously undulate due to the compositional elements. Julie Draeger’s nonobjective work “Searching the Unknown” exudes powerful impact and a strong knowledge of color theory, and composition. It is obvious, her work is intuitive and immediate, making pure her expression, genius. This piece has life and intensity of its own. Romaine Stawowy’s “Unloved” is an excellently technically done photograph of a home and landscape done in such a way that it was hard to discern whether it was a drawing or not. Its quiet scene imbues a soft emotional quality, knowledge of color theory composition, and light. Thomas Sorrell, “Sand Beach Cove”, depicts a landscape scene in the very difficult and unforgiving media watercolor. In this work, I think he exhibits a mature and developed personal style and fine depiction of atmospheric space. Kathy Palmer Genzman “Sitting Pretty” painted in watercolor, depicts an enchanting scene of precisely rendered birds in forest scene. Her knowledge of composition and a photorealistic approach creates a very narrative scene. Kenneth Jackson, in his realistic drawing, “Old Steam Locomotive” captures an iconic scene. His very fine drawing skills are exhibited here. As well, the depiction of movement and composition are expert yielding an overall charming work.

I would like to thank the exhibition committee, Claire Wilson (chair), Carol Sicha, and Paul Sneider for their organizing the works for me to easily view. Thank you, Paul, for being my assistant while judging, constantly moving the works around for me to better assess. It is my pleasure to have able to assist you in your exhibition endeavor. The work presented for this show is very strong.

Sally Hobbib Rumman – 12/14/18

Accepted Works

Paul Brand

Janis Butzier
Melody Carle
Richard Carle

Paula Davis

Alice Dewey
Julie Draeger

Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

Kenneth Jackson
Sally Marti

Doris Mathias

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Joe Rudski

Jennifer Sheriff

Carol Sicha
C. David Smith
Paul Sneider
Thomas Sorrell

Kim Staneluis
Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

Calla Lily
Ghost Town
Maine Woods
Off the Beaten Path
Nubble Point Lighthouse
Retired & Forgotten
Into the Canyon
What was that???
Branching Out
Searching the Unknown
The Tropics
Sitting Pretty
Winter Walk on UT Campus
Andreas' Beach
Erie Canal Spillway at Sidecut
The Mrs.
Old Steam Locomotive
Blue Meadow
Blue Moon Pond
Blue Blooms
Bob Avery
Karen's Farm
Michigan Garden
Farm Flowers
Grand Rapids, OH
Grand Marait Bay
Red Umbrella
Beckoning Glow
I'll Be There in a Flash
The Mystery Revealed
Twilight in Hallstadt
Northern Nexus
Rounding the Curve
Sand Beach Cove
Toledo Botanical Garden
Earth Song
Windows In
Autumn Gold
Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Morning Reflections
Think Spring
Arctic View
Iberian Roses
Saturday Night Special