June 2018
Botanical and Still Life Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Doris Mathias– Bountiful Bouquet

1st Place
Colleen O’Brien– Flower Patch

2nd Place
Susan Ritter– Hydrangea

3rd Place
Julie Drager– White Orchid

Honorable Mention Awards
Marti Huepenbecker– Fringed Lily
Michael Hill–
Autumn Dogwood
Janet Wharry–
Apples and Crock

Juror's Comments:

Any artist who wants to exhibit their work must accept that this is one person’s evaluation, at one particular time on one particular day. On another day or even an hour later, it is very likely that the same person may make completely different choices.

I suspect that all judges begin with a set of expectations and personal preferences. It’s important, then, that one gets past those biases. Doing so obligates one to inspect closely every piece, not just those that command attention at first. This was certainly the case with this show. How does one compare a difficult subject with a masterful technique or a unique point of view? In the end, I hope I have chosen not only all of these in selected works but also a sense of the artist’s personal commitment to creating a piece that is more than the sum of its parts.

There are so many accomplished works here. Certainly all are to be commended.

Judging, while difficult, has been a great pleasure

Chris Rilling – May 18, 2018

Accepted Works

Pam Alspach
Vava Campbell
Liga Diaga
Julie Draeger
Ruth Eby

Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker

Kay Kocher

Virginia Kretz
Anne Malone
Doris Mathias

Marsha McHugh
Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Kitty Pattay
Susan Ritter

Joe Rudski

Elaine Scarvelis
Carol Sicha
Michael Stilliman
Romaine Stawowy
Beth Stewart
Melanie Stinson

Janet Wharry
Claire Wilson

Helen's Garden
Humingbird Bush
White Orchid
Cactus Simplicity
Autumn Dogwood
Star Magnolia Study
Flower and Bird Bath
Fringed Lily
Delicate Bloom
Droplets on the Lily
Red Tulips
Bountiful Bouquet
Flowers Forthcoming
Boundary Resist
Poppy Fields Forever
Black berries
Fleur de Jour
Woodlawn Apple Trees
Flower Patch
Early Fall Blooms
September Sunflowers
Favorite Fiesta
Hydrangea Harmony
The Orchid & The Apple
Books, Gobblet & Onions
Don't Be Impatient
Scattering Seeds
Kathryn’s Flower
Beautiful Butterfly
May Flowers
Tree of Life
The Wood
Apples and Crock
Rock-a-My Garden