June 2019
Artist’s Choice Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Janet Wharry – Kallie

1st Place
Carol Sicha – Iris Chair

2nd Place
Debra Sommer – Yosemite Mist

3rd Place
Anne Abate – Exploration

Honorable Mention Awards
Kenneth Jackson – Buster
Sally Marti –
Blue Barn
Claire Wilson –
Drip Drip

Juror's Comments:

The work in the show is strong work, across a variety of media. The artists have varying interests and techniques, which are delightful to view in presentation together. In selecting the awards I was struck by artists who demonstrated the ability to not only showcase their technical ability but also go above and beyond in creating a work that conveyed a mood, atmosphere, or individual view point. Works of art are elevated from good to great when they touch upon three things – incredible technical ability, a resonance with the personal (individual point of view), and a connection to the universal (an idea or feeling that all people share). Many of the works in this show make great strides in speaking to these foundational elements that make a work great.

Halona Norton-Westbrook – 05/24/19

Accepted Works

Anne Abate

Pam Alspach
Kate Argow

Paul Brand
Janis Butzier
Vava Campbell
Paula Davis

Alice Dewey

Julie Draeger

Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill
Marti Huepenbecker

Kenneth Jackson
Kay Kocher

Trisha Koelsch
Anne Malone

Edward Marks

Sally Marti

Doris Mathias

Vui Measaw

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Susan Ritter
Carol Sicha
Debra Sommer

Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Mack Walton

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

The Gathering
It's Mine
Necklace 2
Necklace 3
High Level Bridge
Woodlawn Bridge with Aunt Evelyn
Walk in the Park
Little Blue
Small But Fierce
Summer Night
August Garden
Garden Flowers
Near the Lake
Lives of the Saints
We Moon
A Big Catch
Sarah and the Babe
Autumn Joy
Great Blue Sidecut
Port Clinton Sunset
Remembering Summer
Sausalito, Calif.
Spanish Point
Finding Nectar
A Quiet Place
Evening Sail
Blue Barn
Waiting for Take Out Swig
Bursting Color
Spring Time
Dry Fruits
California Poppies
Eastern Michigan Lighthouse
Fallen Timbers Battle Field
Camp Miakonda
Gust's Farm
Garden Charms
Iris Chair
Marshland Pathway
Winter Woodland
Yosemite Mist
One Beautiful Day
Broken Windows & Missing Doors
Fisherman's Pier
The Pond
Native American
Unrestrained Waterfalls
Drip Drip
Lotsa Gotsa
Tropes & Memes