March 2019
Abstracts Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Joe Rudski – Coming Together

1st Place
John Trumbull – Circle Up

2nd Place
Gregory Ehmann – Tribute to 911

3rd Place
Joe Rudski – Freedom

Honorable Mention Awards
Marti Huepenbecker – Swirl
Sharon Lennard –
Something for Everyone
Colleen O’Brien –
Shelter for the Soul

Juror's Comments:

Abstract Art requires you to have an open, inquiring mind.
It gives you the freedom to explore the artwork and find your own meaning.

Most abstract artists have excellent drawing skills, a finely developed sense of composition, and an understanding of the workings of color. That means they have the ability to draw a perfectly rendered rose or a realistic portrait. However they choose to express their creativity by creating a visual experience that is free and unencumbered by the weight of objects. By utilizing the pure elements of form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process, abstract artwork allows artists freedom and flexibility in expression.

Here are things to look for:

   1.  Consistency - The flow must be consistent from one side of the painting to the
         other with planned and precise strokes.
Color - Colors should mesh well together.
Texture - Most of the time, good abstract art is compiled of layers. There is
         typically an underpainting and these layers often create texture.
Meaning - All great art has some sort of meaning.
Complexity - Showing more than one technique.

Congratulations to the award winners.
I believe they are accomplished artists.
I wish we had more awards to give because so many have done so well.

It was a pleasure judging this show.

Claire Kirsner – 02/22/19

Accepted Works

Anne Abate

Janis Butzier
Christine Cooper

Alice Dewey
Gregory Ehmann

Marti Huepenbecker

Kenneth Jackson
Kay Kocher
Sharon Lennard

Sally Marti
Doris Mathias

Mary McColough

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien
Joe Rudski

Elaine Scarvelis
Jennifer Sheriff

Carol Sicha
Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Claire Wilson

Cabin Fever
Animal Planet
Mind's Eye
Movement in Time
Clock Work Orange
Tribute to 911
Do You See What I See?
Binghamton Thrill
The Shape of Leaves
Love and Laughter
Something for Everyone
Spread His Love
Rotating Motion
Triple Gold
Tin Can
Blowin' In the Wind
Lotus Blossom
Shelter for the Soul
Coming Together
Trees Indigo
Life Awakens
Time Capsule
The Nest
Triangle, Circle, Square
Circle Up
Ring Toss
The Village
Fire & Ice
The Mob