May 2019
Botanical & Still Life Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Kathy Palmer Genzman – Golden Gloves

1st Place
Paul Brand – The Garden at Common Space

2nd Place
Melanie Stinson – Rock, Water, Green

3rd Place
Carol Sheetz – Toledo Botanical Garden

Honorable Mention Awards
Anne Abate – Star Magnolias
Marti Huepenbecker –
Looking Up
Paul Sneider –
Time, Over Time

Juror's Comments:

Viewing the artworks for the “Botanicals and Still Life” show for the first time, I felt I was witnessing a timeline of spring, an ode to the spaces around us through the eyes of the artists. From the introspective still life works that detailed the subtle but inspiring beginnings of springtime to the bold and colorful scenes celebrating the full blooms of summer, I was drawn in by every scene.

Selecting awards for such a vivid and passionate show was a difficult decision. Each artwork is a scene that takes the viewer into the beautiful and sometimes overlooked moments in nature and to me, that makes each of these a powerful work of art. It has been a delight and honor to have a role in this wonderful exhibit of some of the many talented members of the Toledo Artists’ Club.

Anastasia Wagner – 04/19/19

Accepted Works

Anne Abate

Paul Brand

Christine Cooper

Alice Dewey

Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

Marti Huepenbecker

Kenneth Jackson
Kay Kocher

Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Renée Obrock

Carol Sheetz

Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider
Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Mack Walton

Claire Wilson

Star Magnolias
The Garden at Common Space
Tiger Lily
Bird of Paradise
Moon Flower
In Front of the Fence
South Border
Golden Glories
Purple Passion
Autumn Dogwood
Ray's Cherry Blossoms
Blossoms & Butterfly
Looking Up
Pink blossoms
Spring Has Arrived
Drooping Sunflower
Purple Waterlilies
Three Floating Blooms
Fresh Peaches
Kohlrabi - Red Variety
Field Flowers
Silver Lace
Daisy Bowl
Set of 3 Daisies
Set of 4 Seasons
Hiding Among the Hostas
Hothouse Orchids - Shell Pt. FL
Toledo Botanical Garden
Welcome Spring
Time, Over Time
Composition by Mother Nature
Rock, Water, Green
Lily Pond
Milkweed Pods
Yellow Dahlia
Garden Variety
Glowing and Growing
Tea and Tutti Fruitti
Party of Five
Them Apples