November 2018
People and Portraits Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Joe Rudski – Mr. Livingston I Presume

1st Place
Aaron Bivins – The Chief

2nd Place
Janet Wharry – Jkayla

3rd Place
Edward Marks – Nonni

Honorable Mention Awards
Beverly Bailey – November Morning
Kenneth Jackson –
Mother Teresa
Bruce Watrol –
First Lady of Christ Garden of Prayer Church

Juror's Comments:

Best of Show – Expressiveness, use of medium, composition, color.
st – Well rendered, great use of color.
nd – Great technique, expressiveness.
rd – Effective use of light, expressiveness.

Bill Chapin – 10/19/18

Judging criteria:

1. Use of medium
2. Expressiveness
3. Composition / design
4. Presentation / framing
5. Successful rendering of human form

Note: all oil paintings should be varnished!

Accepted Works

Anne Abate

Beverly Bailey
Aaron Bivins

Linda Jo Bosinger

Vava Campbell
James Corcoran

Paula Davis
Julie Draeger
Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

Kenneth Jackson
Sharon Lennard
Edward Marks
David Pett

Stewart Raney

Joe Rudski

Carol Sheetz
Jennifer Sheriff

Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider

Romaine Stawowy
Tim Taylor

Bruce Watrol

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

May as Well Go to Town
Not so Starry Night
Sorry, You Lose
November Morning
Art Tatum
The Chief
The Great Ape
Love A Parade
Saturday Afternoon
Walk on the Beach
Brother Veteran
Days of 1966
Oldest Village Residence
Lectio Divina
School Girl
At the Lake
Bedtime Story
Selfie with Goldfish
Mother Teresa
Many Faces
A Helping Hand
Cast Study: Form and Value
Four Guys Playing Pool
Never Alone II
This Side of the Wall
A Boy and His Smile
Mr. Livingston I Presume
Orchestrated Comfort (Dedicated to Quinn, Bailey & Jamie)
Poised Invitation
Bob's Pool
Mei Lin
Portrait 1906
Enjoying Pt. Pelee
Blue Eyes
The Look
First Lady of Christ Garden of Prayer Church
Surf City Dreams
Awaiting the Surf
Percolating Mischief