November 2019
People and Portraits Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Bruce Watrol – Bob Waltenbaugh

1st Place
Ann Korhumel Filipiak – Molly

2nd Place
Janet Wharry – Cassidy

3rd Place
Bruce Watrol – Dorian Grey

Honorable Mention Awards
Kathy Palmer Genzman – Laughter
Michael Silliman –
Dad, Our Last Painting Adventure
Elizabeth Steingass –
Man at St. Ignace

Juror's Comments:

What an honor it was to judge the Toledo Artists’ Club show.

I was pleased to see all the different mediums and styles represented.

Judging a show isn’t always easy and there were many times that I vacillated on the selections and choosing the award nominees.

Thank you again for the opportunity to judge this show and for supporting local artists.

Paula Brown – 10/24/19

Accepted Works

Terry Dennis
Ann Korhumel Filipiak
Ronald Fox
Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

Kenneth Jackson
Linda Klopping

Vui Measaw

Michael Rohrbacher
Joe Rudski

Elaine Scarvelis
Michael Silliman
Paul Sneider
Romaine Stawowy
Elizabeth Steingass

Tim Taylor

Bruce Watrol

Janet Wharry

Claire Wilson

Nothing to Cheer About
Museum Field Trip
A Bunny …. Really?
A Quiet Place
Morning Walk to Beach
Into the Light - Renee Rios
Relaxing # 2
Relaxing # 5
Self Portrait W/Ball Cap & Beard
New London Café
Dennis the DJ
Dad, Our Last Painting Adventure
Maybe Next Year
Friendly Smile
Man at St. Ignace
Self Portrait in Purple
Girl with Umbrella
Lady with Umbrella
Pretty Lady
Bob Waltenbaugh
Dorian Grey
Kierra Sandridge
Percolating Mischief
Teen Angst
Bowl Cut
En Pointe