September 2019
Northwest Ohio Show

American Frame Best-of-Show Award
Paula Davis – Misty Morning on the Maumee

st Place
Leslie Dietsch – Living in a Swamp

2nd Place
Kay Kocher – Metzger’s Marsh

rd Place
Michelle Arnold Paine – Fisherman: Maumee River

Honorable Mention Awards
Paula Davis – Three Meadow Sentinels
Kathy Palmer Genzman –
Nighttime in Downtown Toledo
Claire Wilson –
Out of Defiance

Juror's Comments:

Thank you for inviting me to jury your exhibition. I am especially drawn to landscapes and this was a difficult show to jury for awards.

The work which I finally decided to award was dominated by primarily a sense of light being depicted that seemed suitable to the subject matter that was indicated in the titles.

The works were also interesting to me in how they described our region. Craftsmanship is always something I look for and the attention to detail that is needed for a complete experience of an artwork.

Certainly these works live up to a high standard of making.
Finally, I think everyone is a winner, because you have chosen to engage in the wonderful activity of experiencing your world and sharing your insights into it.

Mille Guldbeck –

Accepted Works

Janis Butzier
Christine Cooper
Paula Davis

Alice Dewey
Leslie Dietsch

Kathy Palmer Genzman

Michael Hill

William Horvath

Terri King

Kay Kocher
Duane Lammers
Sally Marti
Ellie Miller

Colleen O'Brien

Michelle Arnold Paine

Carol Sicha
Paul Sneider
Romaine Stawowy
Melanie Stinson

John Trumbull

Claire Wilson

Maumee River Grand Rapids
Toledo on the Maumee
Lupine Meadow, Secor Metropark
Misty Morning on the Maumee
Three Meadows Sentinels
Meaconda Fall
Evening Start (Mills Race 2009)
Living in a Swamp
Lucas County Courthouse
Nighttime in Downtown Toledo
Foot Bridge at Sidecut Canal
Fountain at TBG
Stone Fence in Waterville, OH
Seated Nude
Very Reticulated Giraffe
Lilly Cove
She Stole My Toys
Metzger's Marsh
Backyard Haven
My Life on the Highway - 1972
Covered Bridge - Sauder Village
NW Ohio Barn
Pearson Park
Flower Bed
Secret Garden
The Cabin
Fisherman: Maumee River
Summer: Maumee River
Ohio Harvest
Po Mo's Ribs
Erie Canal @ Side Cut
TBG Dreaming
Toledo Street
Abandon Barn
Field & Farm
Sand Dunes, Oak Openings
Inside TBG
Out of Defiance
Rock-a-My Garden